It’s Time to Pave Your Way


Private Coaching – A New Way to Think About A Healthy, Superhero Lifestyle


The first thing you need to know is that I don’t believe in sugar coating. Not on food, and certainly not when it comes to my clients. I know that the greatest gift you can give to a person is to be honest and direct with them. To not tell half-truths to make people feel better. I know the only way to create change begins with an honest dialogue that is constructive yet direct.

It’s so easy, and common, to get overwhelmed with all the conflicting information available today. It’s also easy to ignore subtle symptoms until something major happens. Then it’s off to doctors and specialists, and sometimes (often) they don’t have much in the way of help, answers, and certainly not support.

The fact is, they’re not trained to look at issues from a holistic standpoint. They’re trained in pharmacology and surgery. Don’t get me wrong, these do have their place, but there are often much gentler, cheaper, and more effective options. They just haven’t been given the head’s up!

It’s time to stop giving our power away to other people. We need to get educated. We need to have opinions. We can no longer accept what we are told blindly. When we start asking questions, we take back our power and the first step towards recovery and creating the health and family we want.

No one will fight for your own self-interests more than you will. Yes, doctors and mentors mean well, but at the end of the day, it comes down to one person who has the final say in what happens in your life. And that’s you. I promote self-advocacy as the most crucial factor in whether someone can heal their lives. Learning when to question authority, learning when to listen, and refusing to relinquish 100% blind control to anyone is the key to creating a life you enjoy.

Our mindset determines our experience. When we decide that life is hard, then it is hard. If we believe that life can be fun than it is fun, and I believe that even the biggest challenges of our lives can have elements of fun. We can tackle our challenges with a sense of adventure or a sense of dread.

Fun is more fun. Especially when you’ve got the energy to enjoy it! And I can help you get there.


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