Lyzz Kirk

Head Superhero Princess


I didn’t really start feeling the “clock ticking” on mommyhood until I got engaged at the age of 30. And even then it wasn’t a huge priority or concern for me. Three years later as we were planning our wedding, however, planning our family was almost all I could think about! I knew that 10+ years of birth control, crazy diet plans and my “advancing age” would make becoming a pregnant more challenging. Little did I know that was only the tip of the iceberg…

A few months prior to the wedding I scheduled an appointment with my Gynecologist to get my hormone levels checked and be sure all was set for a smooth ride to mommaland. When the results were in, instead of a green light I had a diagnosis. An auto-immune disease that if left unchecked would make it nearly impossible to conceive.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, when I went back through lab tests from years past, the signs of this auto-immune disease had been there for YEARS. Not one of my doctors caught it, or even mentioned that there might be a problem.

I wasted no time in finding support with my own coach to get my condition under control (and eventually in remission!) and within a year we were happily expecting baby #1.

This experience showed me, without question, that waiting until we’re pregnant is too late. If we truly want the best for our children, for our families, and even our grandchildren, we have to start planning BEFORE pregnancy. As an added bonus, the more work we do before we become pregnant, the easier pregnancy, birth and the post-partum period are! And the better off our kiddos are, too.

We are responsible for these little lives, and we must not take that immense power for granted.