So, I know I said this wasn’t going to be a recipe blog, and it’s definitely not. BUT, as I stumble through my own life and have those rare moments of kitchen genius that I think may help you out, I’ll share. Deal? Cool!

Besides, this isn’t really a recipe so much as the story of my evening and how I dealt with dinner on this one occasion.

Back in Texas I received an awesome delivery of delicious fresh produce from Greenling. It was fairly inspiring. But, now that I think of it, only 1 part of what I’m about to describe actually came out of that bounty. Well, anyway…


The week before I went to Costco with visions of all the veggies we’d eat and purchased a large bag of washed & trimmed broccoli florets and another large bag of asparagus. Now, over a week later neither had been opened. Hm, what to do? Steam it all!! I set about steaming the entire lot. I figured once I’d done that I could freeze some or use it up or whatever. I lightly steamed everything in 3 separate batches and quickly dunked them in a sink full of cold water and ice cubes as they were finished to stop them cooking any longer. I think fancy chef-type people may call this blanching?While I was steaming and chilling, I had also set a large-ish pot of quinoa to cooking. In my opinion one can never have too much quinoa at the ready (although I hardly ever have the fore thought to actually make a large batch). The only thing left was what had really kicked off this whole cook-fest, and that was my longing for the sweet potato included in previously mentioned Greenling delivery. Now, it’s hot as crap here in North Texas so I wasn’t about to turn on the oven and I try to stay away from the microwave as much as possible. Did you know you can steam potatoes? I didn’t really, but now I do! I chopped them up and steamed them til they were nice and soft. Yay!Now that we’ve gotten through all that, what’s the moral of the story?Quinoa, a variety of ready to go veggies and yummy sauce and viola, you have dinner in a snap! The beauty of this “recipe” is that you can make everything ahead of time, like on the weekend or something, and have a meal in minutes during the week. Also, my darling husband isn’t a fan of the quinoa, but with this sauce he ate it up! Yay!The sauce I used for this delish dinner was a recipe I found on Choosing Raw, Gena’s Outstanding Miso Sesame Dressing. I had some extra tahini laying around from making a raw hummus dish that I wasn’t sure what to do with. This turned out great! I didn’t have any agave (and I’m not sure I’m liking the idea of it these days anyway) so I subbed in honey, and used less because I didn’t want it to be too sweet. It really was outstanding, just as advertised!

Next time I’ll have to think to take a picture… For now you’ll just have to admire most of my Greenling haul drying on the rack! Enjoy!